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What are the benefits of booking your hotel reservation directly through the hotel vs. an online travel agency?

When reserving a hotel room, do you book directly through the hotel or rely on an OTA (online travel agency), such as or Do you always get the room your reserved?

Maybe, maybe not. Over the years, we have found that there are distinct
advantages to making a reservation directly on OUR website or by calling or
emailing the Inn directly. Why?

#1 – Best Price. Our rates often fluctuate on a daily basis.
When you call us directly, we know our own best rates and can offer them
immediately. Additionally some online sites tack their commission on to our
rate, so you may get a room at a higher rate through their site than if you had
called us first.

OTAs are not eligible to participate in our special
offers. Always comparison shop. Even if you can get a better rate through an
OTA, sometimes the hotel is willing to offer you something special – a late
check out or a complimentary upgrade (based on availability). Some hotels make
certain rooms available to a third party agent at a higher price to
offset the commission costs that the hotel must pay. These rooms may not be the best in the house.

#2 – Flexibility. Need to change your reservation? Need to
cancel, add a day, switch rooms? No problem, especially when you have reserved
your room directly through the hotel. We can make real time changes to your
reservations and send you a confirmation on the spot. 

We have had enough
guests in the past who tried to make changes or cancellation through their online
provider to realize that getting your money back or applied to a later
reservation date through the OTA can be an arduous and frustrating experience
for the traveler.

#3 – Accurate Information. OTA’s may not have the most up-to-date information either about what rooms are available or even basic information about the hotel. Sometimes we can “create” a space for your reservation where none exists online. Our next phone call may be a cancellation for exactly what you want – we keep a wait list, so you don’t have to keep checking back.

#4 – Service. Booking directly through the hotel allows the people who have been trained by the hotel to offer you personalized service. It is our pleasure to provide personal touches to make your visit feel more like home. When you speak directly with the hotel, you can reserve a specific room type, not just “request” it. If you have additional questions, you’ll most likely be able to speak to the person who took your reservation. 

#5 – Knowledge. Our front desk staff has specific knowledge of the Inn and our rooms, the surrounding neighborhood and Los Angeles at large – and if we don’t know, we know how to find out! We are here to take good care of our guests, and to serve you honestly and efficiently. 

Let us make your next trip to our Los Angeles bed & breakfast the best experience you’ve ever had!


Inn at Playa del Rey – another gorgeous sunset from our balcony!

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