Vineyard Trail Ride

A few weeks ago, Griffin and I were offered an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.  Scott and Sabrina Fortyune, owners of Vineyard Trail Rides, invited us to spend the afternoon wine-tasting and horseback riding in Temecula.  We set a date and on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Griffin and I made the drive down to Temecula.  The breathtaking scenery on the way down would have made the trek well worth our while all on its own.  When we arrived at Leonesse Cellars, the starting off point for our horseback riding adventure, we were greeted warmly by Scott and Sabrina Fortyune, a pair of siblings that have been working with and riding horses since they were children.  Sabrina talked with both Griffin and I about our experience levels and then paired us up with horses accordingly.  
Griffin with Ba-donk-a-donk and Ashley with April
 After we got comfortable in our saddles, we started off through the vineyard.  Sabrina talked to us about the joys of working with horses and Scott pointed out the different varieties of grapes that surrounded us.  The setting was beautiful and such a refreshing change of pace from the hustle and bustle of city life in Los Angeles. We saw all sorts of wildlife including hawks, rabbits, and even a fox.   Sabrina even captured our horseback riding adventures by taking pictures which she promptly emailed to us the next day.

When we were done riding, we said our goodbyes to Scott and Sabrina and headed over to the Leonesse Cellars tasting room.  We were treated to six different tastings and chatted with the other guests.  As we left, we took one last look at the beautiful Temecula countryside.  We were certainly a little reluctant to leave, but then again, it was only a short drive away so we knew we would be back very soon.  
Griffin and Ashley at Leonesse Cellars for wine tasting

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